Coir Twine

With 100% Biodegradable Technology

Coir Twine for Hop Farming

Coir Twine is made from coconut fiber strands of strong, long using a spinning machine. Coir fibers are twisted to impart resilience and are extremely popular among hops growers. Another benefit is that it's often more affordable than other natural twines, such as sisal or hemp and best reusable alternative to plastic twine.

Specification & Packaging

  • Bundle : 100 cut strings

  • Bale : 24-26 Bundle

  • Bale weight : 80-85 Kg

  • Loadability : 40” HC (140 bale)

  • Material : 100 % Biodegradable

  • Diameter : 4-4.5, 5-6 mm *

  • Breaking Strength : 75lbs to 100lbs

  • Cut Lengths : 18.5' to 21.5' *

  • Twine Type : 2 ply

* custom size available


Quality Check and Batch wise Quality Control is performed during the production from Coconut husk selection to Coir twine. The parameters are strictly monitored in adherence to our policy.

  • Strand length

  • Twists per inch

  • Load bearing Durability

Additional Coir Yarn Application

  • Horticulture : Well-balance tension, Flexibility and Biodegradability of our twine enhances the beauty of your home garden.

  • Coir Yarn for Carpet Matting : Manufactured with quality green husk Mixed Fibre twisted with an inner polypropylene thread. Packed in hanks, spools or bales with runnage as per buyers' requirement

  • Coir Yarn for woven Geo-texitle : Manufactured with quality green/brown husk Mixed Fibre with biodegradable technology. Packed in hanks, spools or bales with runnage as per buyers' requirement

  • Coloured coir yarn for decor : Rainbow colored coir yarn are available as per buyers' requirement

Coir twine/yarn are available in varied twist, 90 to 200 runnage, strength to cater the customer needs of varied industries. Contact us.

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