Natural erosion control and soil stabilization

Coir Geotextile

Erosion Control

Coir geotextile is a natural fiber product made from coconut husks. It is a versatile and environmentally-friendly material that is used for erosion control, soil stabilization, and slope protection in a variety of applications. Coir geotextile provides effective support to vegetation, helps retain moisture in arid lands, and promotes the growth of plants. It is an excellent alternative to synthetic geotextiles because it is biodegradable and decomposes over time, enriching the soil with essential nutrients. Coir geotextile is also easy to install and requires minimal maintenance, making it a cost-effective solution for various landscaping and agricultural projects.

  • GMS : 400, 700, 900

  • Breadth : 2 Meters

  • Length : 50 Meters per roll



Quality Check and Batch wise Quality Control is performed during the production from Coconut husk selection to Coir twine. The parameters are strictly monitored in adherence to our policy.

  • GSM

  • Yarn - Tensile Strength

  • Dimension


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